Empowering Akasha Sessions with Alice Amber

Akasha is a unique spiritual empowerment and energy healing system, that increases vibrations of alive beings, places, and the entire world itself. This process leads to a healthy, harmonious and balanced way of living.

And I invite you to experience it!
How you can experience Akasha
energy healing and balancing
According to your life and health situation you may choose which way is suitable for you right now:
In-Person and Online

  • Healing imbalances and maintain a good health
  • Energy cleansing and protection
  • Personal energy transformation
  • Emotional balancing
  • Getting a bigger Vision of your life

  • 1,5 hour long, 1:1 energy balancing session
  • In-person in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
  • And online via Zoom

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Initiation is an energetic way of direct transmission of the certain types of healing-empowering energy settings from a master to a student with the ability to use them later on their own. As a result of the initiation into Akasha system you gain access to symbols that connect you to the specific types of energy sources.

At the beginning you can be initiated for Level 1, 2, 3 of the Akasha system.

You can go through the initiation only one level up. It is recommended to have a break between initiations minimum one month.

Contact me to know more about the Initiation:
Akasha Practice Group
  • Activating the energy of your Vital Centers
  • Balancing energy in the Chakras System
  • Redistributing the energy of the entire body
  • Connecting with the energy elements and sources

  • Weekly in Puerto Escondido
  • At the Holistic Space
  • At the beach
  • During the Nature Walk

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Hi, I'm Alice

And I'm a Transformational Holistic Master Coach and Mentor

I went to the University to study biology and ethology because I was amazed of the beauty, complexity and harmony of alive creatures on this Earth. That led me later to study healing, therapy, integrating and coaching.

And in a while my path brought me to Mexico to a small international village Puerto Escondido, where I'm practicing my mastery; sharing the energy balancing and healing knowledge with people.
  • My specializations are...
    • Akasha Transformational Holistic Master Coach, Mentor and Initiator, ACA (Akasha Coaching Alliance)
    • Professional Trainer of Coaching, ICTA (International Coach and Trainer Association)
    • The Art of Life Travel Therapist, ALTI
    • Time-Line Coach, ACA
    • Micro Expressions Expert, PEG (Paul Ekman Group)
    • NLP-Coach Master and Business Trainer, ICTA
    • Master of Enneagram, ICTA
    • Biologist, BS, PSU
    • Plant Medicine Empowering Guide
Join our Akasha
Nature Walk!
We can receive energy balancing and healing in many different ways and one of them is the Akasha Nature Walk. Where we connect with the nature elements, sources and beings in a direct way. We can say that it's an active meditation of being present by walking in the nature.

By walking in nature, redistributing the energy happens naturally. And it boosts a lot of energy activation in our physical and energy bodies.

We are walking and practicing Akasha in the beautiful locations of the Pacific Ocean coast around Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

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