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Life of One Day: Restart

Chapter 1. Why Not living in the "Now"?

Each day we wake up, and our Life continues in happiness or sorrow, or something in between. In the middle we find out that there is not enough time for everything we wanted to do, and not all things are done. So... we move those things for another day… But we already have plans for the next day in advance!

And we go to sleep postponing Life for tomorrow, because we need to rest from it — from Life itself...

And the Wheel of Samsara, the Wheel of Time continues running, circling, and we run with its move to nowhere…
What if we don’t have those upcoming days,
to when we can postpone things for later?
It's a rhetorical question. And let's not go to extremes like a suggestion in some teachings: "Live this day as the last one". Because it doesn’t make too much sense while we are still inside the Wheel. And because one of the powerful options a human being has is the ability to intent oneself forward, forward to the “future”... and then one can “magically” appear in that “intended future”. It seems simple, but who knows how it really works!

So why are we, as human beings who have the power of intending oneself forward, cannot sometimes manifest our plans, ideas, dreams easily?

Often it’s happening because the focus of our perception and the ability of intending yourself forward dissolves, losing the concentration and power, finally shifting to another “important” aspect of life.

And each day goes as if we RESTART our Life again. Not identically for 100%, but extremely similar. Our life routine repeats even if a day sometimes filled with some bright scenes and experiences. So one can find oneself at work; with kids; in depression; in relationship; in procrastination; running after happiness again and again... For each of us, the energy of the Wheel of Time, daily suffering, the unbearability of being flows differently. But the resolution often looks similar: one tries to oversleep, to eat more, to forget oneself in empty social interactions or even more… to leave this Life continuity completely and forever.

Constant tension, emotional or physical pain becomes a norm of the most of our daily Life experiences. And most of us ignore that tension, ignore the pain until it becomes too much to hold.
However ancient traditions, modern doctors and holistic healers all over the world postulate that there shouldn't be a pain in a healthy being. However we have it...

So let's summarize: if there is a tension or pain, it means that the health and the coherence of oneself are imbalanced. And instead of ignoring it, one needs to fix it!
That’s why we can see how difficult it is: to plan forward of being joyful and healthy in this “constant tensioned life situation” … That’s why we postpone things for later. We postpone our smile, hugs, laugh, joy, a meaningful meetup, an opportunity to simply see the ocean or gaze at a sunset.

We need to acknowledge that having our own daily moments of inner calmness or being amazed, surprised, inspired – is the most important practice. Important on a path of going out of the Wheel.

By Restarting your life each day in a way of bringing the presence, attendance, attention, kindness, discipline, spontaneous, fullness, you will be able to get out from the repetitive Wheel of Time, feel fully Alive, Awakened and Free. Whatever it means for you right now.

And I’m talking only about Restarting a Day, because most of us don’t have any clue of where we spend our Nights… by simply sleeping. But for sure: it’s not “Here”. And this is another side-branch of the discussion: spending our lifetime somewhere in the night dreams. We will look at it later in another chapter.
So what about our Day Life?

The idea is simple - YOU HAVE ONLY ONE DAY OF LIFE, and it’s today.
You don’t have yesterday already, and tomorrow hasn't happened yet. Because Yesterday and Tomorrow are just comfortable models of describing the Time in its simple linear understanding.
There is only One Day of Life,
and this day is Today.
"Why not living in the Now?" - you may ask. Because it’s obviously too short to be really functional in the social life. Because beyond whether we want it or not - we are social animals living in a social human beings' world. And there are definitely bunch of rules and agreements that prevent us from living in the Now.

Living in the Now is possible... However this chapter is not about it.

So let’s operate of One Day experience only, to make this training of awareness easier. And when you are ready, of course, you may jump to the living in the Now.
Why is it too difficult to plan and live your own life
in a way your really want?

And what if this life is 80 years long, not talking even about 90, 100, 150 years?
80 years it’s about 29 000 days.

Is it too difficult to plan and live 29 000 days in a way you really want, feeling good and pleasant to live?

It seems so! Because it’s hard to intend and live even one Day in a way you really want it.
It seems more difficult or even impossible to plan and spend 29 000 days like that. Difficult to keep the focus so long, knowing as well that the invisible power of Death is also involved in this "game" of a Day Restarting.
So the idea is simple...

You have only One Day = This Day = Today

To plan and live 1 day only seems much easier and more realistic, that thousands of days in a row, which may not happen at all.

Only one day!
How much relief one may feel by this simple idea, by this simple act of perception!

And how much frustration at the same time it can bring: to not have security in tomorrow, in the future.
"How about long terms plans?" - you may ask?
"Don't worry about this question right now"... take a cup of tea, enjoy the moment and jump to the exercise below:

Exercise of Awareness - 1
And right now I'm inviting you for the first simple exercise of awareness which you may experience right Today.
Please go through the 5 simple sets of perception below.
It will take you 7-10 minutes only in each restarted day.
#1 Space
  • Look around and notice where you are...
  • How did you end up here, in this place where you are right now? What was before that?
  • Did you plan to be here? Or did it happen somehow by itself?

Take your time...
#2 Physical sensations
  • How do you feel right now? being here in this place?
  • Do you have any pain or tension in your physical body?
  • Do you feel comfortable right now?

Take your time...

You make take notes what is in tension or in pain ("My List of Pain")
#3 Emotions
  • What do you feel on the emotional level?
  • What are those feelings about? Try to identify them somehow...
  • Where did they come from?
  • Are those feelings yours? Or they reached you from someone else around you?
*Try to not go too deep into your emotions right now, just noticing them… to be able to keep your focus on this exercise forward.
#4 Breathing
  • What is happening with your breathing right now?

Take your time...
#5 Your Plans
  • Do you have any plans for today later? To the next moment of the day?
  • With which exact feeling are you looking at your nearest step?
  • Do you want to do it?
  • And is there something specific that you completely don’t want to do you’ve already planned for later today?
  • What’s that? And why is that?

Take your time...

Start making a list of things you don't want to do today. We will work on it!
("My Don't Want To Do List")

And let’s stop here for now... Have a beautiful Day!

Go to the next chapter
when you are ready:

Why Not living in the "Now"?

Exercise of Awareness #1
  • Space
  • Sensations
  • Emotions
  • Breathing
  • Plans
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