Empowering Coaching-Therapy
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About Life, Coaching
and Alice
Art of Life Travel is a way of living
— What are you doing in life, Alice?

— I’m a coach-therapist.

— What type of coaching-therapy do you do?
— Well, it's difficult to say in one sentence to describe the way I work with people, however I will make it simple as a zen garden, so you can see what exactly matches you...
  • Professional Trainer of Coaching, ICTA (International Coach and Trainer Association)
  • The Art of Life Travel™ therapist
  • Time-Line Coach, ACA (Akasha Coaching Alliance)
  • NLP-Coach Master, ICTA
  • Master of Enneagram, ICTA
  • Akasha Healing Practitioner, ACA
  • Biologist, BS, PSU
  • Plant Medicine Empowering Guide of Amazon, Siberian and Mexican Traditions
Private Sessions
I don't know what exactly you want to transform or empower in you life, but I believe everything is possible...
In-person and Online
What are you looking for? What are you leaving behind trying to work and travel?
Is it hard to be grounded and free as the wind at the same time, right?

I know... Because I had been doing the same. And I know what it costs.

Nomadic life is a natural way of living.
We just forgot about it by being locked in our cities and flats. Traveling through space and time is always very attractive and scary at the same time...

Let's meet and see how we can make this path healthier for you, so it can nourish you in a way you really need...
Even if you haven't stepped out of the door yet.
1:1 and Couples
Integration is a delicate process...
We all meet something unexpected and unknown on the path. And how to live with that is a big question.

  • You can re-integrate yourself in a new "you" to feel wholeness again, but after disintegration happened.
  • You can integrate something new in your "life structure", but only if you have enough empty space for that.
How to go through that process step by step, let's figure it out together on our sessions.

  • Yourself
  • Your Experience
  • Someone or something else to your life
Healing and empowering method
It probably seems impossible, but...

  • Changing your past, you change your future.
  • You in the future are dreaming yourself in the now.
  • Intending yourself forward is your power as a human being.
To heal past traumas we need all our guts to look at them again, clean and retrieve our energy. Let’s just do it, so they will not hurt you any more.

For more clarity to see your path forward you need to cross the invisible line that separates your past from future. And existential Time-Line is the way to do that.
How It Works
And let me know your life situation
We will find a day and time for your first session
In-person or online depends on where you are
Your first Session
Bring your life request to the session and let go any of expectations
We will see and create a plan to continue forward
Trust your personal power that led you here
Coaching-Therapy and Empirical Groups
We are social animals who reflect each other through ones' own inner mirrors. How it's exactly happening in between of us? And what happens if to stop self-reflection?
For Professionals
Supervision is a form of self care for therapists, coaches, psychologists, healers, guides of all helping professions, to receive support and rebalance your values.

This is the way of recognising what's important for you in your profession. Because you are a part of the global community which leads humanity to be awakened and functioning in another level of self-awareness.

A professional space of multiversion options, multiple different ways of solving work cases and personal emotions; for

share experience, ideas and doubts.

Supervision group helps to find answers for a lot of existential and practical questions connected with your inner guidance, leadership and helping work for others.

Weekly on Saturdays | Puerto Escondido
For Everyone
Perception is an act of creation.
You may think that you think by words, talking with yourself, through your language, syntax and system of signals…

However, a thinking process includes images, body sensing memory, emotional and hormonal response, hearing and much more.

So where is our pure perception?
And what is that exactly?
Do we really “see” the world around or we create it by our “thoughts”?

The way we see through our eyes it’s not the only way to “see”. The question is if we can really “see” beyond our human being physical body?

Let’s discover it in a very experiential way, by practicing!
All levels of awareness
Therapy group is a small model of your world and all what is happening there is for your awakening, healing, support...
  • To see more about your relationships and interactions.
  • To see more about yourself
Group Field organizes the space by itself… and through:

  • Discussions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Looking deeper into individual cases
  • Group sharing
That's totally fine if you come to the group and tell nothing. And it's totally ok if you come and tell all what's important to tell, what is still in pain...

This group is "opened". It means you can join it at any moment.

Weekly schedule for groups
Central Standard Time CST, Mexico City
Therapy Group
In-person | Puerto Escondido
"SEE" Empirical Group
"SEE" Empirical Group
In-person | Puerto Escondido
Supervision Group
In-person | Puerto Escondido
Empowering Nature and Plants Therapy
You may spend years and years going to shrink your mindset, but there is something that elevates this process to another level and makes it smooth, accelerates it, freeing you from an inner pain.

It's an art of using plants and nature elements as the healing power and guide.

Working with plants for all my life, I will assist you to navigate through your personal healing process by using the wisdom of plants and nature.
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