Super-vision group
for a meaningful life


Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Weekly, Thursdays, 2:00-5:00 pm

Led by Alice Amber, Trainer of Coaching (ICTA)


Supervision group is a form of self care for professionals, creators, and self-leaders to receive support and rebalance ones values.

// Supervision is the act of observing someone or something

from outside, such as a project, a person, a being... //

It is a way of recognizing what's important for you in your life, profession and community of colleagues. Because you are a part of a global community that is leading humanity into awakening to its next level of awareness.

Super-Vision on the other hand is a way of seeing. It helps find answers to existential and practical questions, related to your inner guidance and leadership.

// Super-Vision is the ability to go beyond what you can ordinarily see by yourself. //

This Group is an interactive hybrid. It merges the following:

  • The classic supervision groups' approach and
  • The development of your own ability to open your awareness to see things beyond your habitual and routine perceptions.
Training yourself in super-vision is important. It helps you see beyond the first one glance of your perception and expand into multiple views.

How is my work connected with my life?

Where am I going to?

What exactly do I want to change in this world?

How does my identity as a professional influence myself, my family, my clients and my community?

1 meeting

Weekly, on Thursdays

3 hours long

2:00-5:00 pm
Supervision is a group dynamic and a way of seeing things through the perspective of a group field. It's a space to shift your state of perception in order to see more about yourself, your relationships, and other professionals alongside you. Its a space to see through reflections of a group how your identities drive your life.

It provides the opportunity to look at what you are doing from the outside - to expand your vision - to notice your blind spots and your power spots.

It's a Space for...
Supporting your life and professional identity
Recovering after difficult situations
Freedom to explore your reactions
Freedom to practice different identities and behavioral strategies
Stepping further into Self-Trust
Learning to trust that other participants can organize themselves and their feelings
Learning from each other
Seeing other ways of thinking, focusing and approaching

The field of the group is a space to explore different ways of solving life and work issues; regulating emotions, sharing experiences, doubts and ideas.

We go through life with many projections based on our interactions with clients, partners, colleagues, parents, etc. Those projections will definitely manifest in the group field as well. Through this work, you will be more aware how those projections are appearing in your daily life and how they are influencing your everyday interactions.


A Group Field organizes itself autonomously with the facilitation of the group leader through:

  • Discussions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Looking deep into individual situations
  • Presentations
  • Inspirational tasks
  • Creative brain and heart storming
  • Group sharing

The process of discussing, sharing and experimenting during a group dynamic helps to FORMULATE MORE CLEAR VISION about:

  • Self as a professional;
  • Your entire life and professional Path;
  • What influences you in your work and life;
  • How the projections of a client, colleague, partner, co-leader etc. is influencing your life and the Supervision Group Field;
  • What you are trying to avoid in your life, work and at the supervision group as well, and why.
Super-vision Group based on
3 Approaches
to help you to clarify
the meaning of your life and stay on track
  • -1-
    Gestalt Therapy
    • The group becomes a small model and representation of your daily life.

    • Through this approach, you can be aware of what you feel and be able to share those feelings and emotions in a clear way.
  • -2-
    Intending Forward
    • To develop and apply the power of intending yourself forward... to the "Self" you intend to be.

    • To see the bigger picture of your life and understand your life mission.
  • -3-
    • We will explore how different strategies of human behavior are based on a deeper motivation.

    • To get a sense of direction for a life path with a meaningful day to day existence.
During the Group
You can come to the Group with anything you have inside of you:
  • An interest to hear other perspectives
  • Frustrations, tensions, doubts
  • To understand how you deal with your feelings and energy in life and in the group field
  • To find out where, how and why you lose your freedom at your work
  • To discover how you put meanings in to what you are doing
  • To notice what you choose to say and not to say
  • To receive and give reflections and feedback
  • Or come without a specific agenda and just your curiosity to explore

Keep in mind, when you receive or give a projection in the group field, this happens because there is something in you that needs to be worked out through this exchange.

We will focus on how you are connected with:
  • Your values
  • Your professional vision and purpose
  • Theory, methodology, philosophy of your profession
  • Ethical principles
  • The perceptual differences between You - Your Client - Partner - Colleague etc.
We will explore how to:
  • Befriend your own emotions and states in uncomfortable life and work situations
  • Understand what you can and cannot do in your profession
  • Make use of theory and experience
  • Be supported by your community
  • Deal with the feeling of “I don’t know
  • Work with receiving and giving feedback, especially when we are afraid of negative feedback.
Join the group to navigate better in important questions such as:
  1. Who is responsible and for what in my professional field and life?
  2. What are my boundaries for responsibility?
  3. What are my creativity limits within my profession and how do they relate to my individual style of work?
  4. How can I be more inspired at my work and life so as to get to the next level?

And we will have Cacao and Specific Herbal Teas to support our process!



Thursdays | 2:00-5:00 pm


500 mx - One Group Meeting

1500 mx - Monthly Pass: 4 Meetings

8 spots available only

After the registration you will receive an exact location for the group meeting.

You may join the group at any of the upcoming meetings.

For professionals
Independent projects' creators, Professionals in all fields, Leaders, Co-leaders, CEOs of an own business, Organizers.
All branches
The more varieties of professional branches and approaches we have at the group, the more efficient and interesting the process of the supervision group is going to be.
All levels are welcome!
Even if you are a beginner it’s a chance for you to step on the next level of your profession and a life path.
Led by Alice Amber
  • Professional Trainer of Coaching, ICTA
  • The Art of Life Travel™ Coach
  • Time-Line Coach, ACA
  • NLP-Coach Master, ICTA
  • Master of Enneagram, ICTA
  • Akasha Holistic Master, ACA
  • Plant Medicine Holistic Coach
  • 12 years of working with groups
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