Supervision group


Therapists, coaches, psychologists, healers,

spiritual guides and all helping professions

Puerto Escondido | Weekly on Saturdays

Leaded by Trainer of Coaching (ICTA)

Alice Amber


Supervision is a form of self care for therapists, coaches, psychologists, healers, guides of all helping professions to receive support and rebalance your values.

THIS IS THE WAY of recognising what's important for you in your profession and professional community of colleagues. Because you are a part of a global community which leads humanity to be awakened and functioning on another level of self-awareness.

Supervision group helps to find answers for a lot of existential and practical questions connected with your inner guidance, leadership and helping work for others.

How my work is connected with my life?

Where I’m going forward to?

What exactly do I want to change in this world?

How my self-identity as a therapist, coach, healer, guide... influences me and my practice?

1 meeting

Weekly each Saturday
3 hours long

15:00-18:00 pm
Supervision is a group Field and a way of seeing things differently through this field.
It's a space of shifting your state and perception to see more about yourself, your clients, and other professionals next to you. To see yourself without glances of your profession and how this identity drives your life.

That’s why trust is important here. Trust yourself of what you feel, what you intuitively see; and your sensitivity of what’s going on in this shared group field.

Supervision group for professionals
is a magic space of...
Supporting your professional identity
Recovering after difficult cases
Freedom of dealing with your reactions
Freedom of experimenting
Trust to colleagues around you > they can organize themselves and their feelings
Trust to the leader of the group
Learning from each other
See other ways of thinking, focusing, approaches


A professional space of multiversion options,

multiple different ways of solving work cases and personal emotions; sharing experience, ideas and doubts.

The opportunity to look at what you are doing from outside. And expanding your vision for noticing your blind spots.


A Group Field organizes the space by itself… with a help of guidance by a Group Leader through:

  • Discussions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Looking deeper into individual cases
  • Group sharing

The process of discussing, sharing and experimenting during a group dynamic helps to FORMULATE MORE CLEAR VISION about:

  • Self as a professional;
  • Your entire professional Path;
  • What influences you on your work;
  • Your specific work cases;
  • How is the figure of your client influencing your life or a supervision group field;
  • What you are trying to avoid in your work and in the supervision group as well, and why.
During the Group
You can come to the Group with anything you have inside:
  • Interest to discuss or see something from another perspective;
  • Not having interest at all...
  • Frustration, tension, doubts;
  • How do you deal with your feelings and energy in your work process;
  • Where and why do you loose your freedom working with clients;
  • How do you put meanings in to what you are doing in your profession;
  • What do you choose to tell and not to tell;
  • How is your practice going with your clients, groups, inside a community;
  • Reflections and feedback.

Remember, you can take and give

whatever is important for you on the Group

We will work on different focusing of how you connected with understanding of:
  • Your values
  • Your professional vision and purpose
  • Theory, methodology, philosophy
  • Ethic principles
  • Differences of perception in between ME- -CLIENT-COLLEAGUE-SUPERVISOR
We will explore how to:
  • Be supported by your own emotions and states in the uncertain work situation;
  • Get what you can and cannot do in your profession;
  • Be supported by a theory, experience and colleagues;
  • Deal with “I don’t know”;
  • Work with fear of outside feedback.
And some more important questions…
  1. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE and FOR WHAT in therapy and helping professions?
  2. Where are BORDERS of my responsibility as a therapist, guide, healer?
  3. What are the differences in between professions, definitions and approaches?
  4. What is my right of CREATIVITY inside my profession and INDIVIDUAL STYLE of work?

If there is something difficult you meet at the group, you can talk about it…



Saturdays | 15:00-18:00

Participation: 400 mx

8 spots available

After the registration you will receive an exact location of the group meeting

For professionals
Therapists, coaches, psychologists, healers, guides.
All branches
The more varieties of professional branches and approaches we have in the group, the more efficient and interesting the process of the supervision group is going to be.
All levels are welcome!
Even if you are a beginner it’s a chance for you to step on the next level of your profession.
Supervision group led by Alice Amber
  • Professional Trainer of Coaching, ICTA
  • The Art of Life Travel™ Therapist
  • Time-Line Coach, ACA
  • NLP-Coach Master, ICTA
  • Master of Enneagram, ICTA
  • Akasha Healing Practitioner, ACA
  • More that 10 years of working with groups
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